I am a smart, strategic, vibrant marketing professional. I solve challenging problems through creative marketing and strategic approaches, from initial brainstorming to implementation and results analysis. In my current role as a senior marketing manager at Providence, I’m tasked with driving strategic, innovative and competitive marketing plans for brands across the company.

I enjoy collaborating with internal and external creative agencies and vendors. I counsel executives on marketing strategy, getting buy-in and support at every level. Whether it’s partnering with the Portland Timbers and Portland Thorns to create healthier communities, or easing the way for patients in a complex health care system, I utilize my skills and talents in strategic thinking, project management, and presentation and negotiation skills to ensure success.

I’ve had extensive experience working in strategic project management and corporate partnerships, as well as public relations, operations and employee engagement. I’ve successfully improved market awareness and market share for products and program with no awareness, and lead teams to achieve success through effective data-driven marketing – sharing the voice of our consumers for competitive marketing plans across brands.

Specialties include:
– Campaign management
– Marketing strategy
– Brand management
– Community partnerships
– Public affairs, internal communications and social media
– Operations and employee engagement
– Event direction