Brand Development: Providence Children’s Health

Establish an identity that will position Providence as a leader in providing health care for children in Oregon.

Methodology and Process:
Using online patient research, 225 Providence patients who had children living at home were surveyed. Goals were to: Assess perceptions of pediatric providers; understand awareness of services; gather information about how patients select a physician, and test marketing messages and naming options. With insights straight from customers, I  presented a well-informed recommendation to ensure success.

Results of each survey were then shared with employed and referring providers for inclusion and feedback. Providers and clinical executives were coached on the ineffectiveness of icons to promote a brand, and recommended that the organization focus on consistent coloring, imagery and design elements to connect services and programs.

Create an umbrella identity to bring all services under one look and feel, while standing out from children’s hospitals; revamp the digital experience; execute creative throughout customer experience, including interior design, signage and collateral.

The new brand launched three months later and coordinated all Providence Children’s Health materials, including webpages, advertising campaigns, patient education materials, and provider outreach tools, and interior design. Managing these elements has successfully created an umbrella identity under the Providence brand.